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Michael Kolitsky

University of Texas at El Paso
Online Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences
Ocean City, NJ 08226
I have been retired for 10 years but still teach online for The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) courses in Histology and also Anatomy and Physiology from our home in Ocean City, NJ. I have participated in training faculty to teach online at UTEP and also recently at The University of Texas at San Antonio. In retirement, I began to make and sell stained glass windows and found that the same peer review process was at work when someone actually makes the decision to pay you for making a stained glass window for them. You can see some of my work at www.nextgenemedia.com/quiltsinglass.html (I used my wife's quilt patterns for many windows). I have also enjoyed writing poetry since my college days and about 15 years ago wrote a program permitting one to write Haiku in 3D space. This led to a paper in the English Journal (Vol. 91(3), pages 84 - 88, 2001) with a colleague who was teaching a creative writing class. I also self-published three iChapbooks of poetry on the Apple iTunes book store over the past two years. And recently, I have been using my home 3D printer to make tactile learning objects to assist blind or visually impaired students to learn by touch and feel what sighted students can see with microscopes, telescopes and satellite downlinks. I have been married 49 years to a redhead I met in college so I would also have to include her under the heading of what I am most passionate about.