Gene Hayworth

University of Colorado Boulder
Director of Social Sciences
Gene Hayworth is the Director of Social Sciences at the University Libraries of the University of Colorado He received a BA in English from UNC-Greensboro in 1982, and an MLS from Syracuse University in 1995. He moved to Colorado in 1995 where he worked for CARL Corporation, and in the summer of 1999 he worked for CARL in Singapore.

In 2011 he founded Owl Canyon Press, an independent publishing house based in Boulder, Colorado. In 2011 the Press published his translation of the German novel, BRENDEL'S FANTASY, by Günther Freitag, which received a translation grant from The Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (BMUKK) in support of the publication. The UK edition of Hayworth’s translation was published by Haus Publishing in the spring of 2012.